YU ZHONG Best Tutorial & Guide 2021 (English): Skills, Combo, Tips and Tricks | Mobile Legends | ML

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This tutorial is exclusive only to players who wants to improve their hero knowledge and gameplay performance. If you are one of them, finish this whole video and I promise you that your Yu Zhong gameplay will never be the same.

Welcome to our Yu Zhong Best Basic/Advance Tutorial & Guide (English) 2021: Skills, Combo, Tips and Tricks | Mobile Legends | ML.

We created this comprehensive Yu Zhong basic and advance Tutorial to help you improve your Yu Zhong gameplay, performance and of course, to increase your win rate.

These are the topics we will be covering in this episode:
1. Comprehensive guide/tutorial about Yu Zhong skills and abilities.
2. Yu Zhong ML powerful & fatal Combos that are essential for your victory.
3. Yu Zhong ML item builds.
4. Yu Zhong ML emblem.
5. Yu Zhong Bonus Tips & Tricks
6. How to use Yu Zhong properly.

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00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Skills & Abilities
06:25 – Powerful Combo
09:08 – Item Builds
09:24 – Emblem
09:41 – Item & Spell Testing
10:52 – Message from Yu Zhong

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