Genshin Impact Nilou Team: Best Team Composition

on the hunt for the best Genshin Impact Nilou Team Composition? Nilou is the five-star Hydro user who will make her debut as part of the highly anticipated Genshin Impact 3.1 update; more specifically, the banner of her from Genshin Impact of her will be released in the second phase of the anime game update. Nilou’s graceful nature and her dance-oriented move set may seem disappointing at first glance, but her appearances are deceiving. Unlike most characters in Genshin Impact who rely on creating elemental reactions to reach her full potential, Nilou can transmogrify them into even more powerful reactions.

Unfortunately, Nilou’s main drawback lies in the limitations of her effective team compositions. The effects of its indispensable Court of Dancing Petals passive ability are only available with a Dendro-Hydro team composition. Therefore, Nilou should only be paired with the characters Dendro and Hydro to ensure that she performs optimally. This obviously restricts your elemental synergies with Bloom, but since Genshin Impact Nilou’s best build revolves entirely around generating Bountiful Cores, this isn’t the worst restriction in the world. Here is the best Genshin Impact Nilou team composition currently available, as well as a viable free-to-play alternative.

The best Genshin Impact Nilou team composition is:

  • nilu
  • Dendro Traveler
  • Colley
  • kokomi

The current Genshin Impact Dendro character options are limited since the item’s debut in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. At the moment, Dendro Traveler and Collei are the best additions to your Genshin Impact party setup, at least for now. Nilou’s potential is likely to be fully realized after the debut of Nahida, the mysterious Dendro Archon, but if you have enough primogems to successfully take out both Nilou Y Nahida from their respective banners is another story. In the meantime, check out our Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler and Genshin Impact Collei compilation to find out how best to use this plant-based pair.

You might be tempted to fill the last remaining slot with another Dendro character. However, we recommend choosing a Hydro character to achieve elemental Hydro resonance and increase max health by 25% party-wide, an obvious advantage for Nilou, whose abilities scale primarily with her health stat. Also, including an additional Hydro character guarantees another source of Bountiful Core generation, as relying entirely on Nilou’s abilities to apply Hydro will ultimately result in a stagnant rotation.

Bountiful Cores deal damage to your team along with your enemies, so the more damage you’re dealing, the more you’re taking on. Nilou can absorb a lot due to his robust health, but a decent healer is a must. Kokomi is an excellent choice for this role; his elemental ability summons a jellyfish that continuously heals party members and persists even when Kokomi is switched with someone else. This elemental skill what’s more scales with health, meaning Kokomi will benefit from many of the team-wide health buffs that are vital to Nilou. For a more detailed breakdown of her abilities, take a look at our best Genshin Impact Kokomi build.

Genshin Impact Nilou team comp – The best team comp for Nilou with free characters, consisting of Nilou, Dendro Traveler, Barbara, and Collei.

The best free Nilou team composition in Genshin Impact is:

  • nilu
  • Dendro Traveler
  • Colley
  • Barbara

Fortunately, Nilou’s team composition restrictions are slightly offset by how accessible she is to optimizing her build without spending any money. Almost every character needed for Nilou to perform at her best can be obtained for free by completing character-specific Genshin Impact events.

The only exception to this is Kokomi, who can be swapped out for Barbara with relatively minor impact on healing and hydro resonance – Barbara’s heal is an on-field burst that is guaranteed to slow your rotation. Despite that, she is a perfectly acceptable replacement for Kokomi. And yes, you guessed it, Barbara’s skills. what’s more Scale with your health. Check out our Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout guide to learn more about her.

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That’s it for our best Genshin Impact team composition. As we hinted at earlier, Nilou represents a potential change in the Hoyoverse’s RPG combat mechanics, so it’s very likely that his team composition will be subject to change. In the meantime, take advantage of the currently active Genshin Impact codes to easily acquire valuable treasures and coins before the latest update.

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