Top 10 Open World PC Games to Download and Play (2023)

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Undoubtedly, Open World games for PC are the favorite genre of video games. The main reason behind the popularity of open world games is the vastness of the world it offers. From its inception till now, free Open World offline/online games have skyrocketed a lot over the years.

Open World games are the one stop solution for immersive gaming experience. The best part about Open World games is that you can even play them for free. But with a variety of Open World games for Windows 10 and 11, it’s a challenge to decide which one might be best for you.

Accordingly, we have evaluated the gameplay and mechanics of different Open World games that you can download and play on your PC. Let us explore the best Open World games for PC in the post below.

What are the best open world games?

Flying, driving, navigating various enchanting environments and landscapes, fighting monsters and multiple creatures are some of the features of the best Open World games. You tend to explore real life cities and take a look at new worlds and galaxies.

2023 has plenty of Open World games in store that bring out the player in you. For example, there is Terraria that gives you the possibility to explore a 2D world with various creatures.

Then there is Euro Truck Simulator 2, which takes you all over Europe and allows you to explore many cities. Similarly, there are many other Open World games for PC.

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The best open world games for PC to download and play

1) Terraria-Game full of adventures

Terraria is one of the best open world games to download and play. The game is full of adventure and action. Initially released for Windows, Terraria was also ported to various other platforms later on.

The game’s 2D world allows you to explore, build, paint and battle with a variety of creatures. The game is quite popular for its adventure style and is made up of multiple layers of tiles for players to interact with.

Having sold 44 million copies, the game is considered to be one of the best-selling games today.

  • The 2D world of the game is amazing.
  • The game is full of adventure and action.
  • The game has no plot.
  • The pixelated art style frustrates players.

2) Rust: survive in the desert

Rust- Surviving In The Wilderness Best open world PC games to download and play

Developed by Face Punch Studios, Rust is a multiplayer video game. The game is all about surviving in the wild with the help of stolen or collected materials. The other players will always pose a threat to you because the game allows multiple players to play at the same time.

You need to build bases or join clans to increase your chances of survival. In addition to players, animals also pose a threat to you and can make it difficult for you to survive. Each time, a new challenge will be thrown at you, which you have to overcome during the game. No other game is as attractive as Rust.

  • The game is a multiplayer video game.
  • The game is tagged as the most convincing and cruel game.
  • Waste of time
  • It includes toxic players too.

Download and play on PC: Oxide

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3) The Forest- Best Horror Game

The Forest - Best Horror Game Best Open World PC Games to Download and Play

The next best open world game for Windows 10.11 is The Forest. The game is developed by End Night Games and is based on horror. The character named Eric LeBlanc is supposed to fight the monsters that come his way when he takes care of his son.

The game has no set missions or quests, so players must make their own decisions to survive. With five million copies sold, the game was a huge commercial success.

  • Fight with the monsters.
  • Players make their own decisions to survive.
  • Repetitive and lacks variety.
  • Encounters with enemies are less exciting.

4) Euro Truck Simulator 2- Speed ​​Test

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Best open world games for PC to download and play

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck simulator game that can be easily played on Windows and PC. The game gives you the feeling of being the king of the road as you travel across Europe and deliver important cargoes.

You can also buy more vehicles and depots or hire other drivers to deliver the cargo. The game will test your skills and speed as you explore dozens of cities.

  • Travel to different cities
  • Speed ​​and Ability Set
  • The game is slow paced.
  • Lacks visual diversity

5) Valheim- Best Survival Game

Valheim Best Survival Game Best open world games for PC to download and play

Speaking of the best Open World games for Windows 10, 11 would sound incomplete without mentioning Valheim. It is a survival game with Vikings who continue to prove fit enough for Valhalla.

You must defeat the evils that haunt Valheim and be prepared to fight the enemies. The game is also considered a rare exception because it is played so many times.

  • defeating evils
  • Considered the rare exception
  • Limited multiplayer features
  • Lacks variety in content

6) Subnautica- Best Underwater Game

Subnautica Underwater Game Best Open World PC Games to Download and Play

Subnautica is an open world game full of action and adventure. Players tend to explore the ocean planet, survive the local flora and fauna, and look for ways to escape. You must also control the only survivor of the accident.

You must collect resources, build tools, build bases and interact with the wildlife of the planet. The entire game takes place underwater and has four modes: survival, freedom, hardcore mode, and creative mode.

  • The game has a lot of action and adventure.
  • The underwater setup is amazing.
  • The complex environment irritates the players.
  • The game always haunts players with the fear of the unknown.

7) Don’t Starve Together: Multiplayer Standalone Expansion

Dont Starve Together The best open world games for PC to download and play

Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer standalone expansion. The fact that the game is free for its existing users acts as an icing on the top and draws players towards the game.

Don’t Starve Together challenges you to keep the scientist named Wilson alive for as long as you can as he tries to kill the supernatural enemies that come his way.

  • The attempts made to keep the scientist alive.
  • Fights with supernatural enemies are excellent.
  • Full of challenging mechanics
  • Repetitive environments can make the game sound monotonous.

8) Stardew Valley: The Best Farming Game

Stardew Valley Best Open World PC Games to Download and Play

Stardew Valley lets you enjoy your country life by cooking, baking, and growing vegetables on your grandfather’s inherited farm. The introduction of non-player characters into the game further enhances the gameplay.

Not only do you create the farm of your dreams, but you also learn to live off the land by raising animals and becoming a part of Pelican Town.

  • Various non-player characters are introduced into the game.
  • Opportunity to create the farm of your dreams and earn income
  • The game is very time consuming.
  • The repetitive gameplay makes the game boring.

9) GTA V- Great features

GTA V Best open world games for PC to download and play

GTA V is the most successful entertainment game that allows you to drive through winding streets, clubbing, skydiving and tracking down a serial killer.

In addition to this, there are quests to hunt and opportunities to engage in mischief. This super realistic game is a must on your playlist.

The game has many things in store that you have never done before in your life and has modern gameplay. Once you start playing this game there is no going back as the game is super addictive.

  • Excellent graphics, missions and other things.
  • Mind-blowing potential and missions
  • The game contains mature themes and violence.
  • There are no single player upgrades.

10) The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – Full of adventure

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt Best open world games for PC to download and play

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt features bloodthirsty creatures harassing innocent civilians while others hide their identity in the human-dominated world. Above all, there is Geralt with an imperfect environment, and this is what makes The Witcher Hunt the best game to play today.

New quests, characters, beasts, and encounters introduced from time to time liven up the game even more. You simply need to answer all those mysterious questions that are thrown at you during the game.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has raised the bar for upcoming Open World games.

  • Mystery questions during the game.
  • broken and imperfect world
  • complex game system
  • Repetitive trips between different places

Last words

If you want to explore new worlds and enchanting landscapes and fly freely, Open World games are your one stop solution. Choose the Open World games illustrated above that best suit your interests and preferences, and have fun.

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