Spider-Man 2 Coming to PS5 in 2023, Insomniac Confirms

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Miles Morales and Peter Parker are seen wearing their Spider-Man suits and looking at something in the distance.

Peter and Miles are going to be movie and game stars next year.
Image: insomnia games

It seems that Spiderman Fans are in for a busy year in 2023, as Insomniac has confirmed. spider man 2 it will launch on PlayStation 5 next fall.

The study confirmed both as part of a PlayStation Blog Featured post on games coming out in 2023, which included a statement from Creative Director Bryan Intihar:

“What a year it has been for PlayStation Studios; Here at Insomniac Games we have been absolutely amazed by the work of our peers,” says Intihar. “Congratulations to everyone on a successful 2022…and we hope next year is just as exciting as we continue to prepare Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for release this fall.”

spider man 2 is the sequel to the 2018 open world game that was released on PS4. It was later ported to PS5 as part of a bundle with a spin-off sequel. Spiderman: Miles Moralesthe last of which joined its predecessor on PC last month. Both games featured Peter Parker and Miles Morales as their main playable characters, and the sequel will feature both in starring roles.

Venom will also appear in the sequel as an antagonist after being teased in both games, but it looks like he’ll be tied to Harry Osborn’s character, rather than Eddie Brock as seen in most iterations. Harry was played by Scott Porter in the original game, but will be recast in the sequel due to what Porter described as an age difference that was “too hard to overcome”, as Insomniac decided to go “photorealistic” with his characters.

The Insomniac Project it’s the big event of video games for Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but both characters also star in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse next year, opening in theaters on June 2. From the looks of it, the movie is using the multiverse aspect to bring out Insomniac’s version of the hero, as his signature outfit was seen in the latest trailer. earlier this week.

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