Destiny 2 Dawning Perfect Taste, Personal Touch drop rates are too low

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Destiny 2 Dawning’s Perfect Taste, Personal Touch, and other Dawning recipe ingredients aren’t dropping consistently, according to some Guardians. As part of the game’s ongoing celebration of Dawning, players are currently scouring the game universe for the materials needed to craft the cookies they need to bake in order to become vendors across Sol for rewards.

Several players have noticed that when playing different activities to collect specific ingredients in the Destiny 2 Dawning event, they have been having trouble obtaining the ingredients needed to bake specific items.

Several are specifically complaining about Perfect Taste, which is supposed to drop from precision kills. A Twitter user claims that spent four hours trying to get the item to drop, and another corroborated that it took them quite a while to earn the ingredient.

Personal Touch also poses a problem. While you are supposed to drop from kills with melee abilities, many players seem to be struggling to earn the reward even though they are getting the kills as instructed.

Players are also looking for ways to speed up the process of collecting Essence of Dawning, a necessary ingredient for most cookie recipes that is obtained by completing activities throughout the Destiny 2 universe.

It is not clear if the issue is related to the expected drop rates or if some items simply do not drop as expected due to a bug. Specific ingredients drop from specific actions and activities, so in some cases players need to search for the right activities and enemies and use the correct weapons to get the drop. For example, players gain Vex Milk from defeating Vex enemies.

However, some Guardians claim that they spend a lot of time trying to obtain these ingredients. One player even noted that their experience was similar to the issues they encountered during last year’s Breaking Dawn.

Destiny 2’s Dawning event takes place every year during the holiday season. It is a tradition within the game and its tradition. Led by ‘space granny’ Eva Levante, the celebration involves collecting ingredients from across the Destiny 2 universe, combining them in an oven, and baking cookies, which players can then deliver to vendors across Sol for rewards.

This year’s rewards include an impressive set of armor ornaments, along with several Ghost Shells and an all-new weapon. Players also have a chance to earn weapons from previous Dawning events.

Bungie has yet to acknowledge the issue, and the low drop rate may be part of the team’s plan. While the drop rates for most ingredients are relatively high, the Bungie team may have made the drop rates for some ingredients much lower to incentivize people to stay engaged and search for rewards.

Missing drops can also be related to player error. Since some drops are dependent on using the correct weapons or damage type, players may need to pay attention to the correct modifiers to obtain a specific ingredient. Also, sometimes Destiny 2 players are just unlucky in terms of RNG and drop rates.

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