Skyrim mod gives Dark Brotherhood quest a fully voiced Hitman remake

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A Skyrim mod breathes new life into one of the most famous quest lines from the old Bethesda RPG. The Dark Brotherhood quests are undoubtedly among the most beloved of the Elder Scrolls games. Now the creator of some of Skyrim’s best mods has given its opening a complete overhaul inspired by Hitman and Agent 47, as well as immersive sims like Dishonored, adding even more ways to deal with Grelod the Kind while we wait for Starfield to arrive. .

Ask players what stories they think of the most from the Elder Scrolls series, and the Dark Brotherhood is sure to consistently come up as a favourite. The secret Assassins Guild creates some of the most fascinating and entertaining moments in Bethesda gaming. However, the initial search for him in Skyrim, which sees him sent to kill a cruel and abusive matron named ‘Grelod the Kind’ who has been tormenting the children of the Honorhall Orphanage, has always felt a bit simplistic by comparison.

Enter modder JaySerpa, who introduces the Innocence Lost quest expansion Skyrim mod. Players now have multiple potential ways programmed to kill the malicious matron instead of just attacking her, which JaySerpa likens to the various methods employed in the Hitman games. By talking to Grelod and the children, you can learn more about her and her habits, unlocking a number of ‘opportunities’ to deal the fatal blow.

For example, you might be able to overhear a conversation and learn of Grelod’s tendency to retire to his chambers for a drink of his favorite wine, perhaps a perfect potential for putting your skill with poisons to use. Alternatively, knowing her current wishes might offer the chance to lead Grelod away from the orphanage to a secluded spot, where a simple push might be enough to get the job done.

If you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty, there’s actually a completely alternate path that’s very reminiscent of the ‘non-lethal’ options in Dishonored. By collecting evidence about Grelod’s mistreatment of children, she is able to arrange for his arrest at the hands of Riften’s guards. However, this is not an easy process: after all, most guards will be a little reluctant to just walk into the local orphanage and drag their heads. It’s also worth noting that while this might complete the quest, if you don’t take the action yourself, you won’t be able to join the Dark Brotherhood fully.

JaySerpa shows many of the possible options in a video, which you can watch below. As well as dressing appropriately for the occasion as a bald figure in a black suit and gloves, they also give some glimpses of some of the easter eggs included in the mod. There are custom animations for certain deaths and voiced reactions from other characters to all possible outcomes, along with some other clever quips. JaySerpa laughs: “I really went overboard with this one haha.”

If you’re ready to explore the full potential of your deadly art, the Innocence Lost quest expansion mod can be found on Nexus Mods. There, you’ll also find more of JaySerpa’s work, including a Skyrim College of Winterhold expansion that turns wizarding school into a more educational experience, with numerous lessons on Skyrim’s various schools of magic.

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