FF16 – The location of the tricephalic terror

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If you are reading this article, you are probably immersed in the final fantasy 16 Hunt Board, tracking all kinds of beasts across the world map. Of course, if you’re here, you’ll probably need a bit of help finding S-Tier Hunts as well, as they come with fewer clues to help you pinpoint the actual location of the bounty you need to drop. This article is to help you track the reward called The three-headed terror.

Final Fantasy 16 – Description of the hunt ‘The three-cephalic terror’

This is the third S-tier bill you’ll encounter in the game, after ‘The Breaker of Worlds’ and ‘Ruin Reawakened’. The reward notice for The Tricephalic Terror reads:

A caravan of traders crossing the Velkroy told me of a colossal beast they had encountered on their journey. To hear them tell, he looked like a dragon, a lion, and a scorpion all at once. I denied that it was just a mirage, a ghost brought on by the desert heat, but the sweat on their foreheads was cold. and the fear in his eyes, real.’ The location provided is: ???

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Final Fantasy 16 – Location of the hunt ‘The Tricephalic Terror’

Where most of the previous hunts have hidden in various pockets and dead ends located on the map, the difficulty with tracking down this particular mark is that it is found in open space, and navigating that space is the main task of this one. task.

While the location is obscured in the hunting bill, the terms ‘Velcroy‘ and desert heat‘ should quickly point you to a location: The Velkroy desert in The Dhalmekian Republic.

You’ll probably remember this one because it served as the expansive first stop on Clive’s visit to the Dhalmekian Republic. It is characterized by vast sand dunes, with an imposing fallen ruin in the center.

There’s plenty of room to search if you don’t know exactly where you’re looking, and the bill is vague enough that it could be anywhere. But luckily, we can tell you that it is located in the Southwestern sector of the Velkroy Desert. Please refer to the following map for the exact location:

Hunt Board Bounty Final Fantasy 16 FF16 Location, 'The Tricephalic Terror'
The marker is where Gorgimera, ‘The Tricephalic Terror’ is located. Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

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There you will meet him level 45 beast known as gorgimera.

By this point, you’ve likely fought a very similar manticore-like beast as part of the main story events, so its attack patterns will look familiar. Of course, this one is much tougher, so a bit of persistence and a few extra potions will serve you well (and remember that if you’re low on consumables, you’ll automatically resupply if you die against this beast).

Good luck!

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