Bohemia Interactive Tackles Arma 3 Fake News Videos

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Bohemia Interactive has ruled on the weapons 3 Fake news issue, in which realistic army simulator videos are confused with footage of the real-life conflict in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The developer says it’s “not happy” that such a thing is happening, and that trying to flag this content with social media platforms has been “very ineffective.”

weapons 3 is a phenomenally popular game, largely due to its heavy emphasis on realism and its openness to things like user mods and player-created content. This, however, is a double-edged sword, as the in-game visuals of weapons 3 it is now being spread on social media and elsewhere, fooling people into thinking they are real life footage of the war in Ukraine.

On its official blog, Bohemia Interactive says that the “unique freedom” offered by the weapons 3 platform also “comes with a downside”, which is evidenced by this problem. Bohemia says that while it is “flattering” weapons 3 it’s realistic enough to be mistaken for real life, it’s a shame the footage can be, and has been, mistaken for real life.

weapons 3 it’s a very realistic looking game, but that also works to its detriment.

Despite the relative realism of weapons 3There are, according to Bohemia, ways that you can easily detect whether the footage is from real-life combat or in-game footage. The developers point to blurry and low-resolution images, shaky camera techniques, and footage taken in the dark to “hide the insufficient level of detail in the game scene.”

Other indicators include a lack of sound, not including moving humans, and “unnatural particle effects”, as well as unrealistic smooth detail and visible head display elements. One would like to think that no one would be gullible enough to think that images showing a clear HUD could be mistaken for real life combat footage, but hey, that’s the world we live in.

Bohemia ends his speech by asking weapons 3 Players must not use “clickbait video titles” and must also declare that the images they are uploading come from a game and are not intended to depict a real-life conflict. The war in Ukraine is largely being fought with information as well as through combat, so it’s important to make sure as much of the truth is out as possible. The next time you see a supposedly “real” video of the conflict in Ukraine, try to look for some of the telltale signs that it’s actually weapons 3 images. You would be surprised.

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