‘BattleBit Remastered’ outlines a bright future after an ‘overwhelming’ launch

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After the great success of the low-poly shooter BattleBit Remasteredits three-person development team has shared an update summarizing its last few weeks and outlining what’s next for the game.

Since its launch on June 15, BattleBit Remastered has become an unexpected success story for his small team, with the first-person shooter attracting tens of thousands of simultaneous players and temporarily being the best-selling game on Steam.

In a blog post over the weekend (July 1), BattleBit RemasteredThe creators of ‘s shared that they “could not be more grateful for the overwhelming reception” it has received.

“Our record number of concurrent players exceeded our expectations,” the blog says. “We would like to reiterate that our team is dedicated to this game and its future.”

However, the developer admitted that BattleBit RemasteredThe launch of ‘s has not been entirely smooth.

While the shooter withstood day-long distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in its first week, a week later, attackers found a vulnerability in the game’s firewall. This was used by attackers to take down specific servers, including “servers that content creators were on to inflict as much damage on BattleBit reputation as possible”.

While BattleBit RemasteredThe creators of Admit this development “significantly affected”, the exploit has been fixed and the team is now looking towards the future of the game.

In terms of new content, fans can expect “new weapons, gadgets, maps, and new versions of existing maps,” along with additional game modes and community servers dedicated to running specific game modes.

Elsewhere, the developers plan to hire a dedicated anti-cheat team, while bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and weekly dev talks continue.

In other FPS news, ObligationsThe latest update to has introduced a creative way to deal with cheaters, who will now start to hallucinate enemy players if they are suspected of using hacks.

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