World Cup 2022: Vinicius: “Rodrygo and I have suffered a lot in recent games and we feared missing the World Cup”

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WWhile his starting place is not guaranteed, due to the Brazilian coach TitusSerbia’s misgivings about offensive potential, junior vinicius is one of the biggest stars in Brazil.

also plays for real Madridwhere he has recently suffered attacks from his opponents, generating a debate about the high number of fouls he is subjected to and his reactions after them.

In an interview with Reuters, Vinicius opens up about what it’s like to play in his first World Cup.

Neymar the idol

The first topic of conversation is his unconditional relationship with Brazil. neymar.

“The [Neymar] He went through a lot when he was young, playing so small and under so much pressure, so he’s one of those today making sure everything is easier for the new generation,” Vinicius said.

“It is a dream to be with him because we grew up idolizing him. What he does as a leader is very important and he knows that by helping each other we can help him too and have a great World Cup”.

One of the pressures that come with being a star

Starring in the spotlight after a great season last year, Vinicius says he has no problem dealing with pressure.

“I listen a lot. I like to learn from the more experienced players, like Karim [Benzema] and Neymar”, said Vinicius.

“Carrying the pressure has always been easy for me, being a star, as you say. I have always been sensible.

“Playing for Real Madrid and in Brazil helps because I can learn from all those great players who have won a lot in their careers.”

About the social impact

The Brazilian striker is ready to make a contribution beyond the limits of the soccer field.

“I think I need to do more,” Vinicius said.

“I see athletes like Lewis Hamilton and LeBron James do good deeds and I want to do that, help people in different ways. Education is important because not everyone can be a footballer; many try, but not all succeed.

“That is why I do everything possible to help people in Brazil to improve and evolve as people. If they focus on the guidelines to follow, we can get more people to go to college, more doctors, more teachers… better teachers.”

being soiled

Vinicius admits that the aggression he has faced from defenders this season made him fear missing out on the World Cup.

“What happens on the field stays there, but it got out of hand. You can go in hard, but they were dirty,” Vinicius commented.

“Rodrygo and I suffered a lot in recent games and we feared the worst, getting injured and missing the World Cup.

“When you start to be an important player, the rivals chase you more and you have to learn to endure. I learned a lot from Neymar when he was at Barcelona, ​​he also suffered a lot. Real Madrid.”

Benzema the experienced hand

Vinicius also stated that the Real Madrid striker and current Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema it has also helped him cope with the limelight.

“The [Benzema] He was the one who told me to be calm and calm because if the rivals persecute you it is because you are important, because they are afraid of you”, said Vinicius.

“That’s why when I take the ball and go forward I do it with force. Yes, I can get injured, but I’m prepared.”

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