Warhammer 40K launches a new faction, immediately weakens it due to power imbalance

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Warhammer 40,000 The newest army made a big impression on the game’s fanbase, though not in the way that Games Workshop had hoped. Last month, Games Workshop released the Codex and the first miniatures for Leagues of Votann, an updated version of the “Squats” (also known as space dwarfs) from previous editions of the game. The first Leagues of Votann miniatures came out just a few weeks ago and haven’t been used in a major tournament, but that hasn’t stopped Games Workshop from posting an apology video and errata reducing the more powerful version of the Leagues of Votann . abilities just a week after the faction codex was released.

Fans immediately realized that a Leagues of Votann army would be extraordinarily powerful on the battlefield, with the faction’s Judgment tokens particularly strong as they automatically marked a wound whenever a player rolled a 6 to impact. Because it was obvious that the Leagues of Votann would immediately be a dominant faction, several tournaments declared that Votann armies would be banned until Games Workshop published an FAQ. This was unprecedented: some European tournaments had made similar decisions for other armies with new codexes in the past, but the speed with which tournaments ban the faction, along with the number of tournaments that implemented the ban, was surprising.

On September 29, Games Workshop released an update for the Leagues of Votann, increasing the point cost of many units and modifying the Judgment Token ability so that it does not trigger other abilities or rules that trigger when a “6 to wound” does not trigger. modify is rolled up. While explaining how the Leagues of Votann were so extraordinarily powerful, Games Workshop explained that the Leagues of Votann rules were tested against other currently meta-relevant armies, including the Tyranids and the Aeldari, both of which had also received nerfs in recent months. to make them more competitive. Since balance updates were made to both armies, Leagues of Votann outperformed based on the current game landscape.

Please note that Games Workshop regularly releases FAQs and updates to their armies to maintain a level of competitive balance in the game. However, the backlash and speed with which Games Workshop moved to nerf Votann’s Leagues is still amazing. We’ll see if the Votann Leagues will end up being a force in the competition. warhammer 40k, or if these new changes have taken the wind out of their proverbial sails.

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