Sky Arena RELOADED update introduces new monsters, dungeons and runes

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Com2uS, the developer of the popular fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War, has announced an exciting new update for its flagship title, Summoners War: Sky Arena. The update, called Summoners War: Sky Arena RELOADED, introduces a variety of new features that will enhance the gaming experience for players. With over 190 million downloads since its release nine years ago, Summoners War has become a worldwide phenomenon and a favorite among RPG enthusiasts.

New Monsters – As part of the RELOADED update, players can now harness the power of two new formidable monsters: Asura and Indra. Asura, the four-armed god, possesses unique multi-hit abilities that can dominate the battlefield. Indra, on the other hand, has the ability to transform into a more powerful form and unleash lightning abilities on enemies. Additionally, players can take advantage of the “Special Summon” feature, which increases the chance of obtaining two monsters at a higher rate.

New Runes and Revamp: The RELOADED update introduces a revamped rune upgrade system. Rune Enhancement now guarantees a 100% chance to succeed, though the cost increases by the expected value. Players can acquire Rune Essence and combine it with other runes to create new Legend grade Runes. Additionally, the update introduces Intangible Runes, which can be obtained from the new Abyssal Floor. Players can also obtain Seal Rune sets in the Spirit Realm.

New Dungeons – Summoners can now explore the Spirit Realm, a new addition to the Cairos dungeon. The Spirit Realm consists of 10 floors, including a mid-boss encounter. In this dungeon, players face monsters with wind attributes, which prevents continuous damage and overlapping use of the same monster. Upon completing the dungeon, players can acquire the Fighting, Enhancement, Precision, Determination, and Forbearance runes that were previously exclusive to Rift Dungeon. Additionally, the Spirit Realm features newly added Seal Runes. The Nether Floor, which offers the unique Intangible Rune as a special reward, is also available in the Cairos Dungeon and will receive seasonal updates.

Battle System Improvements: The RELOADED update brings improvements to the battle system. Players can now unify the attack gauge conditions by gaining an extra turn or use the Absorb function to decrease the remaining gauge and increase it by the reduced value. These enhancements give players more strategic options during battles, allowing for more control and flexibility in their gameplay.

Summoners War: Sky Arena RELOADED offers a wealth of new content and features that are sure to excite new and experienced players alike. With the introduction of new monsters, runes, and dungeons, Com2uS continues to expand and evolve the Summoners War franchise, delivering an immersive and engaging RPG experience.

Platforms: Android, iOS

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