The first expansion for Atomic Heart has been revealed

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Atomic Heart wasn’t the most well-received game when it released in February 2023. It suffered from some controversies, such as the depiction of racist imagery and the offering of a world that some believed was a thinly veiled attempt at Pro-Russia. propaganda.

Those scandals aside, Atomic Heart didn’t score also bad, but not as deep as many would have liked. That’s where expansions come in, right? Hours ago, Mundfish and Focus Entertainment lifted the lid on Atomic Heart’s first expansion, titled ‘Annihilation Instinct’, and it will arrive on August 2, 2023.

More atomic heart, anyone?

If you’ve already purchased the ‘Atomic Pass’, you’ll have access to Annihilation Instinct when it launches in August. If you haven’t, you can still secure your pass, or if you’re not willing to invest that much, you can buy the expansion separately in a couple of months.

Here’s the breakdown that’s hidden beneath the Annihilation Instinct trailer:

Continue the story in the Annihilation Instinct DLC and find out what happened to this dystopian world after the climax of Atomic Heart. Prepare to embark on a journey through the amazing new Mendeleev Complex and its surrounding swamps, and learn the truth about NORA when Major P-3 returns to Installation 3826. cunning new weapons, one ranged, the Secateur, and one melee, the Klusha, as well as your glove’s new Techno-Stasis ability, which allows you to manipulate time itself.

Meet an enigmatic new character, as well as returning ones in surprising circumstances, and plunge into the madness of the AI ​​to curb its instinct for annihilation.

Here’s the trailer itself, too:

Atomic Heart was recently updated to include New Game+, which is a staple in post-launch updates these days. It is the “toughest game mode yet”, and will introduce players to the “strongest enemies Atomic Heart has ever unleashed”.

Well that sounds like fun.

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