Press release

The next thing from Super Rare Originals is OTXO. Developed by Lateralis, the developer behind worlddogthis fast-paced, dark roguelite with precise but wild gunplay and time-bending slow motion will be Available on Steam April 20!

Enter an abstract and inexplicable mansion to rescue a loved one in this violent top-down shooter with roguelite elements. He plays the protagonist entering an inexplicable mansion in search of his lost love. As you get deeper into the mansion, more secrets will be revealed to you.


Featureless, nameless, and no recollection of how you got here… but you remember why. She is waiting for you somewhere in this Mansion and you cannot leave until she finds her. Fight your way through several unique areas and meet new allies as you delve deeper into the mystery, face your inner demons and slay them.

What is OTXO?


Tons of replayability — OTXO will take the player through 8 areas with a random selection of rooms from the over 150 handcrafted rooms built in the game. No two game runs will be the same.

personalization — Find the build that will help you break the cycle from a full selection of unlockable weapons and over 100 purchasable skills from the game’s enigmatic bartender.

Playing style — With the slow motion mechanic, Focus, at your disposal, OTXO will make the player feel powerful and in control. Be careful though, as the variety of enemy types standing in your way can quickly turn the tide of combat if you don’t adapt accordingly.

Soundtrack — Immerse yourself fully in the brutal ballet of noir-style murders through the gritty soundtrack composed by the developer himself.


About super rare originals
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