Tarkov meets Hotline Miami in a brutal multiplayer horror game on Steam

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Escape from Tarkov is a brutal extraction-based battle royale game where you team up, or not, to take down vicious AI and multiplayer rivals. It seems a far cry from Hotline Miami, the iconic indie game fueled by top-down gunplay, raw gore, and an EDM and synth soundtrack. And none of them, strictly speaking, are horror games. So how does Hell Is Others, which just released on Steam, combine all of these elements?

In a dystopian, almost Lovecraftian futuristic city, you play Adam Smithson, a diligent survivor who lives alone in his small high-rise apartment. His only companion is a small bonsai tree that, like everything else in the world of Hell Is Others, needs a constant supply of fresh blood in order to survive.

So Smithson must go deep below the city streets, kill monsters, kill Others (rival players in PvP mode), and collect the red stuff to feed his prized plant. As your bonsai receives more blood, he will generate and fire unique and powerful bullets for each of your 50 possible weapons. You can also upgrade and customize your apartment. Feeling confused? The trailer below offers a deeper look at this unique convergence of genres.

Hell Is Others combines top-down pixel art and 10-person PvP or PvE multiplayer, Hell Is Others challenges you to get in, smash and grab everything you can, and get back out safely, returning to the sinister security of his apartment to prepare for another bloodbath is out now on Steam and is worth checking out if you want a classy, ​​weird and stylish alternative to big multiplayer shooters.

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