New Fall Guys event asks you to delve into memories

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a new Fall Guys The event has been announced for this week. memories of silence It will see you plunge down wormholes to face a series of limited-time challenges, and there are rewards up for grabs if you manage to emerge victorious.

After doctor who appeared in the world of jellybean battle royale last month, it looks like more mystery shenanigans are afoot this week. memories of silence will involve jumping through wormholes in the Show Selector, after which you’ll have the chance to play classic-themed timed events Fall Guys games.

Each wormhole will give you a different reward, and the rewards can include crowns or crown shards. You’ll also have the chance to solve a series of cryptic clues, which seem to refer to challenge victory conditions or specific things you need to do during challenges. Solving those clues will reward you with in-game currency, gear, and more.

Put on your detective hat for the new Fall Guys event.

As part of the event, you’ll also be able to “earn a belt that will transform when the time is right,” according to Fall Guys mediatonic developer. We’re not quite sure what that means just yet, so you’ll have to check out the event and play through its challenges to find out.

It’s been an interesting few months for Fall Guys. The battle royale game went free-to-play in June, drawing ire from fans when its new free-to-play currency system was revealed. Since then, though, things seem to have calmed down a bit, with the second season of content for the game kicking off in September. This new event is the precursor to the third season of the game, which will begin on November 22.

the Fall Guys memories of silence The event starts on November 17, which is this Thursday, and lasts until the following Monday. You can play Fall Guys free right now on all major platforms, and the game supports crossplay, so you can play with your friends no matter where they are.

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