BGMI Guide to Winning All Close Range Fights

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Melee fights in BGMI can be the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping moments in the game. It is equally difficult to master as well.

However, it is impossible to avoid close range fights, as you will inevitably face your enemies during any match in BGMI, at least in the final circle.

Here are some tips that you can use to help you dominate all your melee fights in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Use SMG or AR

In close combat, a weapon’s ability to deal damage is vital in BGMI. Most close range encounters are won by players who choose high damage weapons.

Submachine guns (SMGs) and assault rifles with 7.62mm ammunition are the best weapons to use at close range even though players have access to a variety of weapons.

You can test the different weapons by playing Team Deathmatch or Arena Training to determine which one works best for you at close range.

2. Practice shooting with movement

If you remain stationary while shooting, you become an easy target for your enemies. Instead, practice shooting while moving from left to right, or even jumping, in the BGMI training grounds.

Incorporating this into the game will make a big difference in determining whether you win a melee fight.

3. Modify the sensitivity

In order to perform better during melee combat, players need to modify and set sensitivity levels in-game.

They can play a few games to determine their ideal sensitivity setting, or they can duplicate the sensitivity code of a professional gamer. Try different combinations and see what works best for you.

4. Use a four-finger claw setup

The default setting in BGMI is a two-finger setting, ie for shooting, moving, and ranging. However, changing this to a four-finger setup will help make it easier for you to move around while shooting.

5. Use gyroscope

If you find it difficult to move quickly while shooting, turning on your gyro in BGMI may be your savior.

You can simply move your device instead of using the buttons, which will make a huge difference in your gameplay.

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