Halo Devs Use Fan’s Pokemon Map To Fix Game’s Aim Issues

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Picture: The Pokémon Company / 343 Industries / Kotaku

aura has a long tradition of community-created maps and game modes that range from the serious to the silly. Recently, a combination of map and mode that’s more on the playful and fun side of things caught the eye of 343 Industries as an opportunity to fix longstanding shooting issues. Named after a certain Pokémon known for digging and jumping out of holes, this community creation is now used to identify and correct aiming and shot-registering issues, as they have plagued infinite halo since it launched just over a year ago.

infinite haloThe latest entry in the long-running and often critically acclaimed first-person shooter series, Just recently received an update which included a beta version of their in-game map creator: Forge. First premiere in halo 3Forge has been a series staple since 2007, allow anyone to create a map self-designed with the necessary tools to create personalized games for him, whether they are party games and mini-games or more traditional versions of the best-known modes of the franchise, such as Slayer or Capture the Flag. One such community-created game, taking its name from Pokémon Diglett, seems to have caught the eye of 343 as an opportunity to test solutions to the game’s core mechanics.

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With community Forge maps appearing regularly these days, 343 Industries Senior Community Manager John Junyszek posted a tweet asking about the community’s favorite Forge minigames thus far. When competitive aura the Linz player yelled Diglettsa game in which players climb out of holes to snipe each other, Junyszek continued with some interesting behind-the-scenes trivia:

Kotaku has contacted 343 Industries for more information.

As many aura fans have known, while InfiniteThe core mechanics of are solid and work well, there have been issues with aiming, and many players suspect that the game feels particularly odd when it comes to aligning accurately. shooting with a sniper rifle, either without scope or pointing down. If this is due to the game auto aim function which makes controller aiming easier (and exists in most modern shooters that take controller inputs), bullet magnetismor the notorious desync problems that many players have had with Infinite it is not totally safe. Since Diglet is a game that only features point and shoot, it’s a pretty perfect testing environment for studying aiming behavior. Junyszek said that the “minigame has recently helped our team test and investigate various shot registration scenarios, especially around latency and networking. Since it is a curated environment without many variables, it helped us investigate specific scenarios.”

Take a look at Diglett gameplay in action here:

343 Industries / iSpiteful

Who knew RPing like a Diglet armed with a legendary anti-materiel rifle could be so productive?

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