GTA: Definitive Edition Surprise Update Hides Mysterious Codebase Change

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GTA: Definitive Edition received a sudden update that seems to address a variety of performance issues in the new versions of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, but Rockstar’s sandbox game also seems to have undergone a mysterious and potentially revealing change within its code base.

The update for GTA: Definitive Edition appeared on October 18, and Rockstar’s official site simply noted that it introduced “stability improvements to all three titles on all platforms.” GTA players have noted a variety of improvements to the level of detail in building textures, as well as other environmental effects, such as lights on buildings appearing more vivid and bright. However, some performance issues seem to persist, such as issues with collision detection in Vice City and lack of vegetation detail in San Andreas.

More interesting, however, is a line, or rather a series of lines, in the update’s code base. Previously, code for GTA: Definitive Edition used the “3master” prefix or path, a name apparently used by the developers at Grove Street Games to designate that a line of code belonged to the Definitive Edition. In the October 18 update, this designation was completely removed and replaced with a new one: “zephyr”.

This could potentially indicate that Grove Street Games has started using a new code base path for updates to GTA: Definitive Edition. It could also indicate that the code has changed hands and is now being written and edited by different developers, either inside or outside of Grove Street Games. Exactly what this may mean for the Definitive Edition in the future remains to be seen, especially as Rockstar Games certainly seems to have its hands metaphorically full when it comes to the next Crime Sandbox installment.

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