The new Xbox Series X console rumor shot down by Microsoft

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Microsoft has shot down recent rumors associated with a new model of the Xbox Series X console. Last week, a new Logitech commercial seemed to suggest that a white version of the Xbox Series X could launch at some point in the future. And while this idea excited a number of potential Xbox Series X buyers, Microsoft has made it clear that it has no plans to release a white model of the hardware.

In a new message given to IGN, a Microsoft representative quickly shot down these theories and rumors associated with the white Xbox Series X console. “The white Xbox Series X console for our partner’s promotional video is not in production. We have no plans to release the Xbox Series X console in white at this time,” Microsoft said.

So why was a white Xbox Series X console featured in this commercial if Microsoft isn’t making the console in this color? Well, it seems that this decision came directly from Logitech. In a message given to The Verge, Logitech explained that it had altered the color of the Xbox Series X to apparently match the color scheme of the commercial. This ad in question featured white as the main color and Logitech clearly didn’t want the Xbox Series X’s all-black look to disrupt that cohesion. As such, the company simply tweaked the color of the Xbox Series X to match the aesthetic of the commercials.

Obviously, it’s worth emphasizing that we could see a white Xbox Series X model in the future. Microsoft’s statement only emphasized that a white version of the console is not in production “at this time.” As time goes on, it seems more likely that Xbox Series X variants will end up being released. So if you’re hoping to buy a white version of the hardware for yourself, maybe that’s something we’ll see coming before long.

Would you be interested in buying a white version of the Xbox Series X in the future? And do you think Microsoft will eventually start releasing the console in different colors? Be sure to let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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