Elden Ring Mod Pack Enhances Fantasy RPG With ‘Ultimate’ Spells

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If you like Elden Ring mods that add new spells, this Elden Ring mod pack should probably be next on your list to bring FromSoftware’s amazing open world game to life. There are mods available to do just about anything you could dream of, from gorgeous Elden Ring texture overhaul projects to improve visuals, to Elden Ring combat rework mods that include Bloodborne-style cheat weapons. But one of the most fun ways to add variety to your next playthrough of one of the best PC RPGs is by tweaking its spell library.

Castle’s Class Fantasy Elden Ring mod spell review, from the creator Castle Whale, features a compilation of all of their custom spell mods designed to rework and rebalance the game’s magic to better fit their respective class fantasies. Castle Whale says the project “began as quality of life changes [but] it quickly spiraled out of control and turned into custom spells. They say their goal is to strike a balance that allows the player to feel powerful, and acknowledge that new additions can be quite strong in some cases, but don’t think they should be more OP than “your average bleed build.” ” in the base game.

There are reworks and rebalancing for a variety of spells, which Castle Whale says is planned to eventually include all of the major spell classes. Some spell slot requirements have been adjusted to give players a little more flexibility in choosing their loadouts. There are also super-powerful, high-cost “ultimate spells” for each of the major stat progressions. Also, Castle Whale says that all weapons and infusions have been buffed, which should create some pretty powerful combos.

As a bit of a warning, they point out that many of the new spells are affected by blocking, and that in certain cases spells can target your player character if you try to cast them without blocking an enemy first. However, they explain that other spells can have more useful effects when freely aimed, especially those that are cast in an arc for extra range. Spells can also be charged for stronger or additional effects.

The last few spells are almost certainly the most exciting component. Intelligence builds have a chance to employ ‘Gravity Well’, a cloud of stars that detonates after a short time. Charging it causes it to generate a black hole that deals high posture damage for three seconds before detonating in a massive explosion. Int/Faith builds can use ‘Elden Stars’, a conspicuous swarm of energy balls that harass a target before culminating in a giant beam of light. More are included for Pure Faith builds and Arcana users (we particularly like the Bloodboon one), with the potential for even more such spells in the future.

If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, you can try Castle’s Class Fantasy Elden Ring mod over on Nexus Mods.

If Dungeons & Dragons is your thing, another Elden Ring DnD mod attempts to capture the spirit of the board game classes. Meanwhile, a live Elden Ring jazz concert will take place later in the year. The co-op game’s latest update introduces distinctive PvP balancing as part of Elden Ring’s 1.07 patch, and fans think there could be Elden Ring PvP arenas on the way after spotting hidden details in the files.

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