Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Available to Preload on PC

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There are a couple of big games coming out this week, and one of them is a PC port of one of the original PS5 titles. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was a spin-off of the hit PS4 game that once again helped redefine the superhero genre in the gaming space. Miles was only a small part of that game, as he slowly gained his powers and sought out Peter Parker’s mentorship after learning the truth about him as Spider-Man. But in the PS5 game, it’s about him and his fight to save his neighborhood. If you couldn’t play it on PS5, you’ll be able to play it on PC on the 18th.

The good news for gamers is that the Steam version of the title is available to pre-load right now. That means you can get the game and install it, and by the time the 18th comes around, you can go in and play it. It’s a smart move because the game will take a while to download on your PC.

Given the receipt and sale of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered a few months ago, it’s fair to expect the spin-off to do just as well. One could argue that it will work just as well as the original to some degree due to the scarcity of PS5s around the world; therefore, people were unable to play it when it was first released. However, the PC gaming community has a much larger player base, so it’s possible the game could sell millions on PC if the conditions are right.

Regarding the plot of the game, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales centers on Miles after Peter takes a well-deserved vacation. The game marks the first time Miles has been the main hero of New York, as the Avengers never appear in these games. So naturally things go wrong quickly. The Roxxon Corporation is causing trouble in your neighborhood, and an extremist group is trying to bring them down at all costs, even if it means a lot of damage to people and property.

Miles will have to push himself like Peter to get through this and beat the odds. As in the original game, the combat system will focus on the abilities of Miles and the Spider-Gadgets. But Miles will have some abilities and gadgets of his own, so you will have to adapt to his style.

Also, even though it’s set in the world of the first game, you won’t have as extensive an experience. But you should still try the game if you haven’t played it before.

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