Do FA Cup ties go to extra time and penalties? Rules on penalty shootouts, replays when matches end in a tie

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It’s time for the big teams to finally join in the fun in the 2022/23 FA Cup.

After six qualifying rounds, the first of which started in early August, and two ‘proper’ rounds, Premier League teams were put in the pot for the third round draw, which yielded some likely entertaining matches. .

While there is a top-tier clash between Manchester City and Chelsea, Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Tottenham and Arsenal face tough matchups against teams from lower leagues.

Elsewhere, defending champions Liverpool kick off their title defense with a home game against Wolves.

Games in the third round take place in early January, and with many top teams competing on multiple fronts in a season interrupted by the World Cup break, they may be hoping to avoid the possibility of overtime or even repetitions as the competition continues.

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What happens if the FA Cup match ends in a draw?

Unlike some of the other major cup competitions in European football, certain FA Cup matches are replayed if the original tie ends in a draw.

Unlike the covid-19 affected 2021/22 campaign, in which most FA Cup matches were settled overnight, replays this season will be reset if the original ties are drawn.

In simple terms, if the original match between two sides ends in a draw, it will be played again on the opponent’s ground.

In an FA statement ahead of the season, they explained: “Replays will be compulsory in all rounds of the qualifying competition and the competition proper from round one to round four inclusive.”

That follows the usual FA Cup replay guidelines, with replays being ruled out for the FA Cup fifth round in 2018/19, the quarter-final in 2016/17, the semi-final in 1999/2000 and the final in 1998/99 before.

If the second match between the two sides also ends in a tie, the tie will go to extra time and penalties.

What are the FA Cup extra time rules?

If both sides are still level after two matches, the original match and the replay, FA Cup rules state that extra time will then follow.

In the case of the FA Cup, extra time will last 30 minutes, and if the score is still tied at the end of that period, the matches will go to penalties.

During the penalty shootout, both teams will see who can score more than the initial five penalties, and if they are still level after that, penalties will be taken using the sudden death rule.

In simple terms, during tiebreak, the first team to advance after having taken the same number of penalties wins the tie.

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Do FA Cup matches go to penalties?

As mentioned above, penalties are used in the FA Cup when a tie that is a one-off or replayed has been drawn and the two teams are still level after a period of extra time.

In that case, a penalty shootout will be used to decide the winner of the tie. Each team has five original penalties before the shootout turns into a sudden death period.

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