FFXIV 6.3 Patch Notes – New Quests, Alliance Raid, and Group Pose Changes

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FFXIV patch 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, will be released on January 10. Prior to the update, Square Enix released preliminary patch notes, detailing what players can expect. It’s quite a list, so we’ve picked out a couple of changes and updates below.

6.3 will include a new update to the Main Scenario Quest with a new snowy looking dungeon called Lapis Manalis. There will also be a new test and raid, but there are no details on what that will be (literally, the patch notes say “hidden”).

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And of course, as mentioned above, 6.3 will launch the new Alliance Raid Euphrosyne. It’s the next foray with The Twelve. In the latest live letter, director Naoki Yoshida teased what Euphrosyne’s team will look like. Of the physical photos he held up to the camera, they have a blue and white theme, with silver accents.

Island Sanctuary is also receiving updates. There will be two new ranks, a new vision, new rally points and materials, new sanctuary crafting recipe, and new animals. There are also a ton of quality of life changes, such as displays of craft value fluctuations and the ability to filter crafts across multiple conditions.

In battle quality of life, buff and debuff effect countdown timers will now display in the party menu. Players can also save many more waymark presets now. The maximum slots have been increased from five to 30.

Also, in very important updates, Vieras and Hrothgars get new hairstyles. More items are no longer gender-locked, and there are new filter options for items in the glamorous dresser. The group pose also has new stickers for sticky mode, along with new frames and other RGB tweaks.

There are plenty of other QoL updates, so head over to the official FFXIV patch notes page to find out about them, as well as more information on what’s new for PvP and Crafting/Gathering jobs.

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