Assassin’s Creed TTRPG announced

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CMON has announced plans to publish an Assassin’s Creed tabletop RPG. Earlier today, CMON announced that its Guillotine Press imprint will publish a assassin’s Creed RPG, with players creating Descendants, modern characters who can access the memories of their Assassin ancestors through the Animi Network. The game will be managed by an Animus Operator, the equivalent of a Game Master. CMON will also produce numerous game add-ons and accessories, including character miniatures, maps, and game aids. CMON did not announce whether the Assassin’s Creed RPG would use a new game engine or adopt an existing TTRPG game system like 5E or Powered by the Apocalypse. This will be the first time that a assassin’s Creed A tabletop RPG has been released.

“Bringing Assassin’s Creed to tabletop RPGs is an exciting challenge with almost endless potential,” said Francesco Nepitello, Director of Intellectual Property and RPGs at CMON, who will oversee the project. “The game’s highly original premise, blending modern reality with period adventures, offers us an incredible opportunity to give players a variety of gameplay that is unprecedented in most RPGs.”

Guillotine Press also publishes Zombicide Chronicles, an RPG set in the CMON game world Zombicide. The publisher also released an American version of home via Kick starter.

“Bringing assassin’s Creed tabletop role-playing games is a dream come true,” said Guilherme Goulart, vice president of production at CMON, in a press release. “Not only is this an incredibly fun and action-packed video game series with millions of fans around the world, but also presents a deep, dense and richly designed world that begs to be explored. We really want to build on that and push this line of RPGs as far as possible. It is a great honor to be able to work with Ubisoft and use the groundwork they have created to bring an entirely new way for players to experience the never-ending struggle between the Templars and the Brotherhood.”

the Assassin’s Creed TTRPG will be available for pre-order next year.

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