A ‘Scavenger Hunt-style exhibit’ of ‘Pokémon’ is coming to Manchester

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Art through the ages, a Pokemon scavenger hunt-style exhibition, will arrive at Manchester’s Trafford Center on October 17 and will remain in place until just before the launch of scarlet pokemon Y Violet.

The exhibit, which is a showcase of “unique” Pokémon art Red and blue era, the Kanto region, will take over the Trafford Center until November 13. Fans of the series can look forward to going on a treasure hunt, though further details have yet to be confirmed.

The artistic experience was first mocked in the Pokemon UK Twitter account yesterday (September 25), which invited Manchester coaches to visit the main dome area of ​​the Trafford Center to join a “community art project”, and see for the first time why Pokemon is coming to the north city.

It also featured a sparse grid wall that had some select tiles of yellow Pikachu, as well as landscape colors of blue, green, and brown.

Today (September 26) the real reason for the appearance of the series in Manchester was revealed on the same Twitter account, detailing the dates and the details behind the appearance. Pokemon: Art Through the Ages exhibition.

Coincidentally, the exhibition ends a few days before the premiere of scarlet pokemon Y Violet, where the trainer enrolls in a school that hosts an independent study project. The theme of this assignment is “A Treasure Hunt!”

More details are likely to be revealed in the coming weeks, so eager trainers should keep an eye out for the update. Pokemon UK Twitter account for more information.

In other gaming news, Mihoyo has confirmed that two new characters are coming to Genshin Impact early. While an exact release date has yet to be announced, it is likely that both characters will arrive as part of patch 3.2, as the banners for patch 3.1 have already been confirmed.

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