WoW Dragonflight Mage tier set turns you into an electric ghost

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Developer Blizzard Entertainment has finally shown off WoW Dragonflight’s mage level set, as players of the ranged DPS class have been dying to see what the company has in store for them in the upcoming MMORPG expansion.

Now, dedicated mage players have been treated to what might be the most impressive design of the new level sets for each class.

The Dragonflight Mage level set comes courtesy of Wowhead and showcases each transmogrification in all its magical glory. The shoulders are the most prominent piece here, as the circular bone-shaped gear encases a crystal on either side of the player. The helmet has a nice symmetrical design with a crystal both on the forehead and hanging below the chin.

The rest of the ensemble offers a traditional wizard appeal with a long cape down the back and more crystals hanging from the waist. However, the new transmog colors give the team a modern look, helping it stand out from the multitude of other fantastic mage transmogs this set of levels will take on.

To get each part of the tier set, players will need to complete the new raid, Vault of the Incarnates, on either Mythic, Heroic, Normal, or LFR. For PvP players, there are two sets available with Elite and Gladiator. Each of these has a different transmogrification color attached to it. Mythic is white, Hero is light blue, Normal is yellow, LFR is aqua, Elite is orange, and Gladiator is purple.

And, as with every new set of levels, the helm and shoulder pads on the Elite and Mythic transmogs feature animated effects to reward hardcore WoW players with gear that packs an extra punch. The best color of all the new options here comes from the Mythic tier set, as I can see Frost and Arcane spells being cast from this armor with a bit of added flair.

If you’re looking to play Mage in the next expansion, check out our WoW Dragonflight alpha preview, as well as the best WoW add-ons to get you prepared for Dragon Isles.

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