Valve changes Steam sales schedule, details upcoming dates

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Valve’s Steam sales calendar is changing in 2023, as the store owner reveals the dates of its next Steam sales. The Lunar New Year sale will disappear in 2023 to make way for a new spring sale that will take its place in Valve’s four-part seasonal calendar in an attempt to better spread the discount periods evenly throughout the year.

Valve explains in a new blog post (via GamesRadar) that the introduction of a spring sale was highly requested by developers and publishers, and should allow for the main seasonal sales to be better spaced. Explain that the spring sale will be treated much the same as the fall, summer, and winter sales, with a unique seasonal design for the window display. Additionally, Valve promises similar levels of support to developers and publishers, noting that while games may still be released during the sale period, the visibility of new releases will be similarly impacted during the period.

To make way for it, Valve is saying goodbye to the Lunar New Year sale due to its proximity to the Christmas sales in December. “We first ran a Lunar New Year sale on Steam in 2016 to celebrate the influx of game developers and customers from territories such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and South Korea,” says Valve, “However, throughout of the years we have received feedback that it was often too close to the December Christmas sales window.” He adds that publishers can still discount their games over the Lunar New Year holidays, but says he suspects “customers will be better served with a little more time between Steam’s big seasonal sales.”

Upcoming Seasonal Steam Sale Dates

Upcoming Steam Seasonal Sale Dates are as follows:

  • Steam Fall Sale: November 22-29
  • Steam Winter Sale: December 22 – January 5
  • Vapor source offer: March 16-23

If you’re wondering what games are appearing on the platform, Steam’s new charts showcase the best-selling and most-played games in a stylish Billboard-like fashion. Meanwhile, a recent update to the Steam library has made it easier to get free PC games. However, users are still unhappy with the state of the Steam guides, which they say have become a pointless mess of pranks and attempts to get Steam rewards.

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