Remnant 2 Relic Update: How To Get More Relic Charges

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How do you upgrade the Relic in Remnant 2? If you’ve played the Remnant 2 prequel, From the Ashes, you’ll be familiar with the vitality of Dragon Heart, Shield Heart, or other Relic variants in your game, and more importantly, your survivability. This useful tool can be the difference between life and death, so learning how to upgrade it brings with it a wealth of possibilities and gives you a fighting chance to take on the Root.

Learning how to unlock it is reasonably simple, though not immediately obvious. After perusing the Remnant 2 tier list to decide which archetype to play with, you might also want to check out what mods are in Remnant 2 to further elevate your build.

How to upgrade the Relic in Remnant 2

To upgrade the Relic in Remnant 2, you need to talk to Wallace in Ward 13. He will ask you for 1 Simulacrum, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1,000 Scrap to upgrade the Relic.

While Scrap will drop from killing random enemies and occasionally from chests, the other two materials are less common. Lumenite Crystals have the potential to drop from bosses, while Simulacrum is very rare and only appears as pickup items on the map.

As standard, his Dragon Heart Relic has three charges that can be used to restore health in a pinch. After healing, one charge is used, but resting at any checkpoint will restore all three charges. Dragon Heart’s charge can also be used to revive a downed ally, but if an annoying enemy decides to attack you, this will interrupt the process. Each Dragon Heart upgrade will grant an additional charge.

Another relic is the Shielded Heart, which provides a shield for 100% of your health for 20 seconds. The more charges available, the more uptime that valuable shield will have.

Now that you know how to get more relic charges in Remnant 2, why not check out how to play co-op in Remnant 2? After all, everything is better in a team. Make sure everyone you play with also knows how to unlock Remnant 2’s dual archetypes – the added perks are invaluable.

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