PSVR2 Will Support ‘No Man’s Sky’ At Launch

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Developer Hello Games has confirmed that no man’s sky has joined the list of games compatible with Sony’s upcoming PSVR2 headset at launch.

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Hello Games first announced that their space adventure title would be getting a free PSVR2 update in June, building on the work they did bringing the game to the original PSVR and promising to use the added power of the PlayStation 5 alongside Sony’s next one. -gen headphones to “take that feeling of immersion and believability up several important notches.”

While the developer did not reveal the update’s release date at the time, eurogamer discovered that an updated description in the PSVR2 reveal trailer (seen below), which pointed to a February 2022 release date.

Now, since February 2022 was some time ago, this was certainly a typo. However, Hello Games has since confirmed to eurogamer that the VR update will arrive in No Man’s Sky on February 22, 2023, the date of PSVR2’s release.

no man’s skyThe PSVR2 update comes after the news that Sony’s latest VR headsets won’t be backwards compatible with PSVR titles. Platform Experience Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino justified this decision on the PlayStation Blog podcast by saying that the headset is “designed to deliver a truly next-gen VR experience.”

The move proved unpopular with fans, but Sam Watts, director of immersive partnerships at virtual reality experts Make Real Ltd, explained to NME in September that it made sense “from a technical point of view”. Watts also added that it wasn’t necessarily the last we’d see of previous PSVR titles, as developers could still update their games to support PSVR2, assuming their previous sales were strong enough to justify the work.

Given the no man’s sky has seen a massive amount of free content updates since its rocky launch in 2016, it’s perhaps no surprise that Hello Games is keen to support Sony’s latest VR headsets at launch.

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