National Championships 2022 Seeding Predictions: Women’s Division

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My best guess at USAU seeding.

Fury and Flipside should be the top two seeds at Nationals. Photo: Rodney Chen —

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Now that the Regionals are finished, it’s time to turn our attention to the National Championships. It’s already been three years since we had a normal regular season with rankings. Let’s go back to the algorithm for ranking, folks! The language around ranking is the same as it was in 2019: It’s mostly about regular season performance and rankings, and “first come first serve at Regionals will be seriously considered in determining ranking for Nationals, but won’t be binding”.

I do my best to follow the USA Ultimate guidelines for my qualifier predictions: qualifiers after USAU Regionals carry a very high weight, head-to-head wins matter on the sidelines, and it’s considered historic success. We do not explicitly try to avoid regional confrontations.

Let’s get started right away with the groups generated by my intended seeding.

fury (1) reverse (2) Molly Brown (3) Phoenix (4)
Traffic (8) 6xers (7) Brute Squad (6) scandal (5)
night lock (12) Grain (11) riot (10) Schwe (9)
Patch (13) Nemesis (14) ozone (15) popular (16)

1. Fury of San Francisco

Fury is once again at the top of the leaderboard and hasn’t lost a game. They have wins over Flipside and Molly Brown. The undisputed #1 seed.

2. The other side of San Diego

The new program already looks like a powerhouse. Although they are quite a ways behind Molly Brown in ranking points, their only losses this season have been to Fury, and they beat Molly 15-12 in their only meeting. USAU has traditionally leaned more on H2H for the best seeds.

3. Denver Molly Brown

Losses to Fury and Flipside. A win over Phoenix. Easy call on seed #3.

4. Raleigh Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​#4 in the ranking and crushed Scandal in their most recent match. They also have an H2H loss to Molly.

5. Scandal in Washington D.C.

#5 in the ranking. 1-1 vs Brute Squad. 1-0 against 6xers. Clear seed #5.

6. Boston Brute Squad

Yes, the 6ixers are ranked ahead of the Brute. And Brute lost to 6ixers in Pro Champs. But a win at Regionals has to mean something when the teams are so close together. Brute should get seed #6 for winning the northeast.

7. Toronto 6xers

Very clearly it will go at #6 or #7.

8. Vancouver Traffic

#8 in the ranking, more than 100 points below 6ixers. Northwest Champions. Clear seed #8.

9. Portland Schwa

2nd place in the Northwest. They’re a few points behind Riot in the algorithm, but they’re 2-0 against Riot and both wins at Regionals. They will definitely be seeded before Seattle.

10. Riots in Seattle

#9 in the ranking, well ahead of Grit in points.

11. Washington D.C. Grit

There is no reason to stray from the rankings here.

12. San Francisco Night Lock

#12 in the ranking.

13. Pittsburgh Patch

Right behind Nemesis in the rankings, but owns an H2H win over them.

14. Chicago Nemesis

Just following the rankings here.

15. Atlanta Ozone

Ranked 5 places ahead of Pop.

16. Minneapolis Pop

The light background seed.

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