‘Gotham Knights’ gets a PC patch to fix performance issues

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gotham knightsfrom developer Warner Bros. Games Montréal, has been patched on PC in a bid to address the game’s performance issues, with a console patch planned for later this week.

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Fans were disappointed to find out that gotham knights it had a wide range of technical issues when it was released on October 21, with gamers raising complaints about frame rate issues, crashes, and other complaints.

In response, Warner Bros. Games Montréal has said that it is “aware that players on both PC and console have been experiencing performance challenges”. taking to twitter, the developer added that “the team is hard at work on a larger patch to improve overall performance and give you the best possible experience. For console users, our specific goal is to address challenges with frame rate stability.”

The patch, full notes for which are available here, is designed to address general fixes such as keyboard input issues, co-op matchmaking invite fixes, and various crash fixes. This patch is currently for PC players only: the developer added that the next patch to hit consoles is planned for the end of the week and will “address a combination of necessary fixes that have appeared since launch.”

Warner Bros. has asked players to continue to report bugs in the game via the gotham knights website.

Gotham Knights. Credit: Warner Bros. Games

Despite the technical problems, gotham knights primarily impressed Jake Tucker in his four-star review for NME. While the game is let down by some shaky stealth sections, the combat is where gotham knights it really shines Tucker also praised the game’s cast of characters on their cooperative play.

Ultimately, Tucker argues, the game is a “pretty solid package, but gotham knights it just feels a little cheap. Movement feels a bit clunky, stealth feels poorly implemented, especially coming from a studio that worked on a Arkham game, and it really feels like it worked with a few more coats of paint.”

In other gaming news, Infinity Ward warned that anyone who changes their console region to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Early could face being “banned from the game” until its release on October 28.

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