Civ 6 Adds Free Julius Caesar DLC, With a Cheat

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One of the best strategy games is getting a lot better; Civilization 6 now includes Julius Caesar. Developer Firaxis has added the historical figure to the game as the Roman leader as part of the new leader pass. You can also get Julius Caesar for free in Civ 6, but there is a slight catch on how to do it.

The famed Roman statesman has now not only crossed the Rubicon, as the general can add crossing from one strategy game to the next to his list of achievements when he hits the game for free on November 21 as part of the Civilization 6 leader. . spend.

That said, there is a slight downside to unlocking Julius Caesar in Civilization 6, so just like if you were told to attend a Senate meeting on the day your wife dreams of your impending death, you might want to know all the details. Okay, in this scenario you’re not going to get stabbed 23 times in the back and get a bowl of lettuce with your name on it, you just need link your 2K account to Civ 6.

You can see the ancient Roman leader in action in the first trailer for Julius Caesar in Civilization 6 below.

Civ 6 Caesar also has a new ability in “Veni, vidi, vici”, as the Roman gets 200 gold every time he first conquers a city, or 100 gold for clearing a barbarian outpost, thanks PC Gamer.

While the video game buff Caesar wasn’t something I had on my 2022 bingo card, I’m pleased to see Firaxis keeping his portrayal of the Roman dictator on-brand, as a core part of his mechanic is getting additional gold for taking out enemies. a barbarian. advanced, as a reference to his invasion of Gaul. Caesar’s penchant for conquering foreign lands and promising to bring them ‘civilization’, or at least what Rome called civilization, is well documented, so I love how his Civ 6 abilities reflect that.

I’m also going to take this opportunity to share a quote from Plutarch about the time Caesar was kidnapped by pirates (indulge me here, I promise it’s worth it), as it’s a great story.

After telling said pirates to pay their own ransom, reading to them his own speeches and poetry, and participating in their games, Caesar was released from these pirates after 38 days, when he then “brought the pirates out of prison and crucified many.” from them”. them, just as he had told them many times that he would do when he was on the island and they figured he was joking.”

If news of a free Caesar has rekindled your interest in Civ 6, we’ve got a list of the best Civ 6 mods to spice up your game, along with the best civs in Civ 6 too, with Rome now moving up in my estimates. .

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