Bally Sports+ expands its reach by incorporating the Roku platform

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Roku users can download the Bally Sports app, sign up for the Bally Sports+ subscription, and enjoy games and live shows from their favorite regional teams on the Roku platform until launch. Pay TV subscribers using Roku can still watch their local sports shows by signing in through the Bally Sports app.

On September 26, 2022, Diamond Sports Group announced that Bally Sports+, its direct-to-consumer service, is now available on Roku, the nation’s leading streaming TV platform*. The official launch of Bally Sports+ today and the addition of Roku to the service’s distribution portfolio are related events.

According to Michael Schneider, COO and CEO of Bally Sports+, “Our regional sports audiences comprise some of the most devoted viewers, and we are delighted to expand our reach with the official launch of Bally Sports+, allowing fans even more ways to see your hometown. equipment.” “Roku shares our passion for late-night delivery of live regional sports to fans across the country. With the addition of our direct-to-consumer product, they will continue to be a great partner in serving our pay TV subscribers and we look forward to expanding their relationship.

Bally Sports+ members can access the service on, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, and iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, in addition to the Roku platform.

Bally Sports’ new Bally Sports+ streaming service allows fans immediate access to their favorite local teams. Fans in those markets will have access to the respective NBA and NHL games produced by Bally Sports thanks to the widespread launch of the service today, September 26, across Bally Sports’ portfolio of regional sports networks. In addition, users will gain access to local pre- and post-game shows, college and high school sports, and national programming from Bally Sports, including The Rally and Live on the Line, powered by BetMGM.

News summary:

  • Bally Sports+ expands its reach by incorporating the Roku platform
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