Antstream Arcade cloud gaming platform brings over 1,000 retro games to Xbox

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Antstream Arcade offers over 1,300 retro gaming titles on Xbox One and Series X/S, with notable titles like space invaders, metal slug and Bubble Bobble. The company says these titles will be instantly playable without additional downloads or installation via its cloud gaming platform, with more titles to be added every week. This is notable as Antstream will be the first third-party game streaming service on Xbox.

The service will support cloud-based game saves, an online scoreboard, and the ability to pick up your game from multiple devices. Antstream Arcade is already available on Mac, PC, Linux, Android TV, Firestick, and Samsung TVs, but this is the first time it’s coming to a game console.

Antstream says it’s using its “unique technology” to mod original games, allowing the company to create new mini-game challenges for players new and old. For example, you could reproduce a modified pac man map where the main objective is to avoid collecting the points. Players will be able to participate in tournaments, challenge other players to duels, or compete for the highest score.

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Microsoft already has its own Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service, and it’s available as a native app on Android, Windows, Samsung Smart TVs, and select VR headsets. It’s also available on iOS and Mac, but you’ll need to use a web browser to access it. However, Xbox Cloud Gaming focuses more on playing modern titles away from your console, while Antstream Arcade focuses solely on tugging on those nostalgic heartstrings.

Antstream Arcade on Xbox will be available for pre-order starting today in the Xbox store. Pricing will start at $29.99 per year with a one-time $79.99 lifetime purchase option. The company says that all future games and new features will be included, regardless of which purchase option you decide to go for.

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