‘Terraria’ Update 1.4.5 Introduces Dinosaur Mounts and Rock Rain

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terrariumsThe final update will introduce new dinosaur mounts and boulder rain to the game, and players won’t have to wait much longer to get acquainted with the new features.

Re-Logic, the team behind the long-running action-adventure and sandbox title, have been scattering revelations about the upcoming update on the terrariums forums (via pc games north).

Update 1.4.5 features a crossover with Dead cellswhich offers players the chance to unlock a special vanity armor set based on The Beheaded, among other references to Motion Twin’s platformer.

YouTuber ChippyGaming collected most of the new content coming to terrariums in 1.4.5 in a video posted on July 23, and one of the additions is boulder rain. Check it out below.

In addition to the rain of rocks, there is a suggestion that Re-Logic will create new sky islands, although one of the developers said that it is a matter of whether or not they have time for it. Also, there are no new bosses as they are “out of scope for this update”.

Update 1.4.5 will also add dino mounts at the request of Team Redigit’s son. “If we add new pets, it will be Alma, the bunny from the comics, or a rat for my daughter,” Redigit responded about the possibility of more pets.

Of course, this is unlikely to be the last update to the game. Journey’s End was meant to be terrariumsThe swan song in 2020. Then, five months after that announcement, the Journey’s Actual End update was released.

In the course of recent years, terrariums has seen crosses with A drop and Don’t starve together as well as the Labor of Love update. Lastly, Redigit shared that the next update is “probably in a few months at least.”

In other gaming news, tributes from across the gaming industry were paid to Denton Designs co-founder John Gibson, who passed away this month. “A true legend of game development,” Ripstone’s Paul “Paulie” Hughes said of his former Imagine team member.

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