Sports Gaming News: Tiny Football Review, Retro Knock-Out

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Every Sunday we bring you up to date with sports game news that you might have missed during the busy week. This week we have our Tiny Football Early Access review, Retro Knock-Out beta impressions, and more.

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Matt10 and the gang are always messing with the sliders, and obviously FIFA 23 has been getting a lot of attention lately with the World Cup ending today. Version 11 of the sliders is currently in beta testing, but version 10 has been very popular with the community (again, I’m sure partly because everyone is a little more excited to play soccer than usual).

With that in mind, let’s go over what the community has been tweaking lately with the explanations to come. by matt10 (and the most complete explanations are going to the thread in our forums).

little footballA throwback football game that reminds you of simpler times, Tiny Football reminds you how far gaming has come while staying true to its essence as a fun, bite-sized arcade classic capable of immersing you in pixelated goodness. Tiny Football features 64 national and club teams that can be played through exhibition matches against friends or tournaments against the AI, as well as a season mode if you like the grind. Despite not having authentic licences, each club and national team is modeled after their real counterparts.

Straight from the early ’90s, Tiny Football uses pixelated squares, even down to the ball moving around the field in that old-school way of yesteryear. While there aren’t many graphical differences between the players, they still move in a much more realistic manner than the early 90s games. There are even weather effects like rain, which will cause your players to occasionally slip as the ball bounces off the ground. surface.

retro knockoutThe answer to what would happen if you crossed Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Featuring ’90s Maxim magazine culture, the VanillaBeast Retro Knock-Out! is positioned as a raunchy, crude, and unapologetically rude update to the classic NES title. Borrowing the exact look and feel of the Punch-Out fights and leaning into its signature pixelated style, your enjoyment of this game will depend on how fond you were of that old game and your preference for raunchy humor. As someone who considers himself not too easily offended (and he wasn’t by the demo), I found Retro Knockout’s politically incorrect sensibilities to be mostly hollow, unfunny, and a bit hopeless.

The retro late-’80s in-ring gameplay makes a far more charming return than the gross-out comedy that’s also seemingly been transported from an earlier era. With only three fights that can be played within the demo, it’s only looking to give you a small taste of what the game has to offer while promising to save the truly bland bits for the full game.

mlb the show 22We are just a few weeks away from 2023, which will bring excitement in all its forms. In this area, it means that we will be closer to the next installment of MLB The Show. Looking forward to the next iteration may seem a bit silly to some, but the content for MLB The Show 22 seems to be waning and this has led many of us to look past the time remaining with ’22 to simply wait for what’s next. . . There have also been a couple of minor developments that could possibly hint at MLB The Show 23 releasing before ’22.

Let’s talk about it.

WWE 2K19 Attributes ProjectPro wrestling will never be more popular than it was in the late ’90s and early 2000s, but it seems this is true of wrestling lawsuits as well. At Wrestling Inc, David Bixenspan recently wrote about the chaos surrounding WWE’s licensing deals as THQ, Acclaim and Jakks struggled to position themselves on the fallout from WCW switching its video game license from THQ to EA.

While all we remember is WCW games being flushed down the toilet when WWE games had to make the AKI development team switch from doing WCW/nWo Revenge to classics like WWF No Mercy, it turns out that employees and WWE contractors were in the shadows turning this into a delicious story of backroom deals. While this story may not have the sex and drugs that make many of the Dark Side of the Ring stories, well, dark, it does have many other well-in-demand features.

aew fight foreverThe last time we heard about AEW Fight Forever it was Full Gear, and Michael Jacob Friedman was hours away from defeating Jon Moxley, with the help of William Regal, to become the next AEW World Champion. The video that was released on Full Gear weekend looked great and showed off some of my favorite things about wrestling games: belts, in-depth story mode, exaggerated moves, lots of weapons and combat types.

Yesterday THQ Nordic dropped another little breadcrumb, this time showing All Elite Wrestling World Champion MJF fully kitted out in his Burberry scarf. Sure, we saw bits of him during the Full Gear reveal, but this showed off more in-ring footage and extended clips than we’ve previously seen. Here’s a look at the official character reveal for “The Devil Himself” Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

madden 23 week 10 roster updateThe holidays are the busiest time of the year, and with many players asking Santa Claus for Madden 23 this holiday season, EA Sports is fine-tuning their game ahead of the inevitable Christmas rush. The latest update to Madden via patch no. #5 was released a few weeks ago. And after finally finding time to play with some of the changes, I’m ready to break down the good and bad of the latest update with the help of the Operation Sports community.

While the latest Madden 23 update added visual enhancements for some players, including Jaylen Waddle’s infamous touchdown celebration, the latest update puts more focus on some of the superstars’ abilities and X-factors. Here is a list of all players who have received a skill upgrade. And, of course, some impressions from me and the community.

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