League of Legends Yuumi’s redesign was a “significant success,” says Riot

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Maybe one day, just maybe, I won’t need to write an article about League of LegendsThe most annoying support, Yuumi. Today, however, is not that day, as Magical Cat continues to cause chaos in the MOBA. While it has left the face of Summoner’s Rift in professional play, many believe it is now insurmountable, prompting former League of Legends commentator turned game designer David ‘Phreak’ Turley to clarify that his rework is actually he has done something good.

As we’ve gotten to the pointy end of the LCK, LCS, LEC, and LPL, we’ve seen Yuumi and her equally frustrating sidekick Zeri sideline Aphelios and Milio. For most of us, the cat’s return to his crib is a welcome reprieve, not just because he’s not the most inspiring champion to watch, but because he can help snowball games incredibly quickly.

Following his recent rework, his win rate has dropped to 45%, down from 44.5% in League of Legends patch 13.12. He’s still relatively low, especially at lower ELO where he’s supposed to thrive, but Riot sees his current state as a “significant success” after his reign of terror.

“As it stands, he’s resting with the same win rate and 70% lower pro presence than Worlds 2022,” Phreak writes, responding to a Reddit thread gloating over his absence from pro play. “That is a significant success. The redesign wasn’t perfect (it never is), but it definitely gave us a lot more room.”

In response to some comments expressing concern that she’ll just be “rotting in the 45% winrate graveyard” because balancing her is too volatile, Phreak writes “last time we tried to get Yuumi out of pro play, she got 39% win rate.” rate. At the very least, consider this an improved state from where she was in February.

“Ideally, yes, I would like a version of Yuumi that is short on pros, rewarding for its mains, and accessible to new League of Legends players. Nor is it the most pressing task at the moment.”

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While I can’t stand Yuumi, 45% is definitely better than 39%. Given the time Riot has spent balancing her, and the fact that she’s absolutely the best starter LoL champion (I would have liked to have had her when I first started playing), I’d like to see her finally land where she’s supposed to be. be. in.

Until then though, it will remain at the lower end of the LoL tier list – love it or hate it. He crosses his fingers and hopes he gets a new League of Legends skin soon to make up for the nerfs.

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