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Introducing the Little Cities Sandbox Update

The Little Cities Sandbox update is the latest addition to the welcoming VR city-building game, offering players an immersive experience and an expanded creative playing field. Developed by Purple Yonder and published by nDreams, this ambitious update brings a host of exciting features and improvements to the game.

Unleash your imagination with the landscape editor

The Sandbox update introduces the Landscape Editor, a powerful tool that allows players to make their dreams come true by creating unique and impressive islands. Whether you envision a magnificent national park, a hidden pirate lagoon, or a peaceful vacation retreat, the possibilities are endless. With the landscape editor, players have full control over laying out the terrain and creating the perfect backdrop for their small towns.

New attractions and new little citizens

In addition to the landscape editor, the Sandbox update brings a range of new rides and little citizens to enhance the gameplay experience. Players can now populate their cities with new types of Little Citizens, each with their own unique characteristics and behaviors. These additions add depth and variety to the game, making each city feel more vibrant and alive.

Immerse yourself in endless creativity

The Little Cities Sandbox Update gives players the freedom to customize their experience to their preferences. The update includes in-depth modifiers that allow players to adjust the level of challenge, providing a more personalized gaming experience. Alternatively, players can go for a no-fuss build with zero pressure or restrictions, allowing them to focus solely on their creative vision.

Random island generator for quick inspiration

For those looking for instant inspiration, the Sandbox Update introduces the Random Island Generator. This handy tool generates new and unique island formations at the click of a button, providing a quick starting point for players who want to dive right into freeform city creation. With the Random Island Generator, creativity knows no bounds and players can explore new ideas and designs with ease.

Ongoing post-launch support

The Sandbox update is the latest addition to the post-launch content that Purple Yonder has been delivering for the past year. This continued support demonstrates the developers’ commitment to improving the game and bringing new experiences to the Little Cities community. With each update, Little Cities continues to build on its strong foundation, ensuring that players can enjoy a rich and evolving gaming experience.

The Little Cities Sandbox update is a significant milestone in the evolution of the game. With the introduction of the landscape editor, new attractions, new Little Citizens and the Random Island Generator, players have more tools than ever to unleash their creativity and build the cities of their dreams. As the game continues to receive post-launch updates, Little Cities promises to continue to be a beloved and engaging VR experience for gamers around the world.

Platforms: Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2

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