Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter Events and Rewards Guide

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the Destiny 2 Eliksni Ward Event has started as the newest community event, and the Guardians are hard at work collecting Captain’s Coins to donate to their Eliksni allies’ cleanup efforts in the Eliksni Ward in the Last City, and are surveying those areas as part of the search called A Rising Tide. With 400 million coins required to fully upgrade Eliksni Quarters, Guardians are already fighting to unlock the various stages of the event, along with their rewards.

The community event is based on a story in the FPS game that began in Beyond Light, in which the displaced Eliksni took refuge in The Last City and eventually Eliksni Quarter. Season of Plunder was the game’s first introduction to this area of ​​the map, and players can find their way to Eliksni Quarters by clicking the HELM on the Destination map.

Guardians have two weeks to collect treasures from activities around the solar system. This treasure comes in the form of Captain’s Coins, and donating these coins helps Spider with upgrades and upkeep while Misraaks and Eido continue to investigate the Relics of Nazarec that players collected during last season’s story missions. Please note that the event is tied to The Season of Plunder and is only available to players who have paid for the seasonal content.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter community event.

Eliksni Quarter Event: Earn Captain Coins

You need to earn Captain Coins, and these can be found in Fate Chests, Lost Sectors, Public Events, and the Ketchcrash and Expedition activities of the season. These are separate from the quest steps outlined in A Rising Tide.

Additionally, by equipping that game’s event emblem, players can earn additional rewards from Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and other activities. Please note that at the launch of the event, players reported that they were not receiving Captain Coins from playlist activities, but that issue has since been resolved.

As the community reaches the event milestones, there will be additional ways to collect Captain’s Coins and donate them to the Eliksni Ward. You can check them out in the community goals section below.

Guardians also have their own reward tracks for their personal donations, which include the event emblem, weapon upgrade materials, and a Swordsman Ghost Shell. Contributing to the community pool will also grant players rewards in the form of loot, such as Deepsight weapons and other “community-earned rewards”.

Objectives of the Eliksni Neighborhood community

The Destiny 2 community will unlock certain rewards by reaching specific collection milestones. These are the following:

  • Community Goal I (40 Million Coins): Cleanup – Unlocks the ability to donate Season of Plunder Map Fragments to the Donation Chest.
  • Community Goal II: The Ether Tank (80 million coins) – Unlocks the ability to donate Season of Plunder treasure coordinates to the donation chest.
  • Community Objective III: Amenities (140 Million Coins) – Unlocks the ability to donate destination materials to the donation chest.
  • Community Goal IV: Recruits (200 Million Coins) – Unlocks the ability to purchase Eliksni Quarter Gift Boxes from the Donation Chest.
  • Community Objective V: Housing (260 Million Coins) – Unlocks the chance for the Eliksni Quarter Gift Box to drop from strike activities.
  • Community Goal VI: Garden (320 million coins) – Unlocks the chance for the Eliksni Quarter Gift Box to drop from Gambit activities.
  • Community Goal VII: Town Square (400 Million Coins) – Unlocks the chance for the Eliksni Quarter Gift Box to drop from Crucible activities.

Destiny 2 Eliksni Ward Events and Rewards Guide: A candid look at Eliksni Ward.

Eliksni Quarter Personal Rewards

Players who participate in the event will also earn rewards based on the number of Captain’s Coins they donate to the general fund, up to 2,400. Please find the personal treasure milestone and its corresponding reward below.

  • 1 Treasure – An Emblem, which grants additional Captain Coins for Heists, Crucible, and Gambit when the emblem is equipped
  • 300 Treasures – 5 Masterwork Cores
  • 600 treasures – 5 upgrade modules
  • 1000 Treasures: Eliksni Quarter Gift Box (may contain deep vision weapons)
  • 1400 Treasure – Masterpiece Prism
  • Treasure of 1800: ascending fragment
  • 2400 treasure – Exotic Swordsman’s Ghost Shell

A rising tide and a seasonal triumph

In addition to community goals and personal rewards, the previously mentioned quest called A Rising Tide can be collected from the donation chest in Last City. The mission consists of visiting each of the improvements in the Eliksni Quarter. However, there are some quest steps where the player can only progress once the corresponding community objective is reached, so don’t get confused if you get stuck because you can’t complete a quest objective.

Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter Events and Rewards Guide – Guardians are approaching the Eliksni Quarter in the Last City.

Players wishing to complete Season of Plunder Ritual Triumph must participate in the community event to fulfill all season objectives. In addition to all of the Raid Season Ritual Triumphs listed above, players must also acquire Captain Coins during Raid Season, acquire each of the event’s personal rewards, and research each of the Eliksni Ward upgrades.
Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter Activity Reward Amounts

Throughout the event, different Destiny 2 activities offer different amounts of Captain’s Coins as rewards. According to Destination Newsletter on Twitterreward amounts are as followers.

  • King’s Fall Raid: 100 (Oryx)
  • Ketch Shock: 50
  • Expedition: 50
  • Lost Sectors: 14
  • Public Events: 10 (Heroic)
  • Destiny Chests: 3
  • Dares of Eternity: 35 (no bonus round)
  • Dares of Eternity: ~56 (with bonus round)

Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter Events and Rewards Guide: Guardians observe a decaying school bus in Eliksni Quarter.

At the time of this guide update, the community has raised approximately 288 million coins. At this rate, players will likely unlock all of the upgrades within a few days.

That’s everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter community event. To farm Captain Coins as quickly as possible, be sure to check out our guides to the best Destiny 2 Warlock builds, the best Destiny 2 Hunter builds, and the best Destiny 2 Titan builds for builds that will help you quickly progress through the game. . activities.

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