Atlus is suing fans for reviving its long-dead MMO

In every corner of the internet, dedicated fans keep their favorite online games afloat. If I ever get a pang of nostalgia for returning to Toontown, an MMO that’s been dead since 2013, there are plenty of faithful and evolved servers I can jump on. It is an integral part of our hobby. Unfortunately, it seems Atlus doesn’t love these fan revivals as much as I do.

as seen by MarshSMT on Twitter, the developer is suing two fans (operating under Rekuiemu Games and COMP_Hack) for copyright infringement over their MMO Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online. The game’s official servers shut down in May 2016, with the revived fan server popping up sometime in late 2020. A website that Atlus says is a “blatant copy” of the original Imagine website. I was also supposedly operated by Rekuiemu. The website appears to be a major foothold for Atlus, as the lawsuit claims that Reukuiemu “falsely added his own copyright information” along with that of Atlus, Sega, and co-developer Cave Interactive.

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