The Witcher: Old World board game is now available at retail

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CD PROJEKT RED, in collaboration with Go On Board, has announced the commercial release of The Witcher: Old World board game. This comes after the successful Kickstarter campaign in 2021, where backers were the first to receive the game.

A competitive adventure in the world of The Witcher

The Witcher: Old World is a competitive adventure board game designed for 1-5 players. Set long before Geralt of Rivia, the game plunges players into a world where monsters roam the continent in large numbers. As warlocks of all five schools of warlocks, players take it upon themselves to face this ever-present threat head-on.

Missions, battles and moral choices

In The Witcher: Old World, players embark on quests filled with moral choices and deadly battles. The goal is to become the most successful sorcerer by earning coins and trophies. The game features a vast map where most of the action takes place, allowing players to travel and explore.

Exquisite works of art and miniatures

The game includes a beautifully rendered physical map board as its centerpiece. Intricately crafted warlock and monster miniatures add to the visual appeal. These miniatures are based on designs from The Witcher video game series, with some original creations as well.

Deep gameplay with deck building elements

The Witcher: Old World offers gameplay with a simple yet deep deck-building component. Players can unleash sword strikes, engage in sorcerer combat magic, create powerful combos, and take other actions during their adventures. Strategic use of these skills is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

Editions and Expansions

The Witcher: Old World is available in two editions: the standard edition and the deluxe edition. The Standard Edition includes the base version of the game, while the Deluxe Edition comes with additional miniatures and additional content.

To enhance the Old World experience, three expansions have also been released alongside the base game. The expansions are themed around different aspects of The Witcher’s world, including Skellige, Mages, and the Legendary Hunt.

Availability and Languages

The Witcher: Old World is now available for purchase at select physical and digital stores. It is available in English and Polish versions, with plans to release additional language versions in the future.

For more information on the game, including details on each edition, expansion content, and pricing, interested individuals can visit The Witcher: Old World official website.

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