Outbound Ghost dev defaces own Steam page in dispute with publisher, legal action ensues

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The developer of the indie adventure RPG The Outbound Ghost (opens in a new tab) he is asking his fans not to buy the game on any platform, because it is currently not up to the quality standards he expects. He’s also disabled sales of the game on Steam, the only platform he says he was up to, on and is threatening legal action against publisher Digerati, who he says refuses to give him control of the game back.

After a successful Kickstarter (opens in a new tab) campaign in 2021, the PC version of The Outbound Ghost launched on Steam in September to mostly positive reviews. However, the console releases of the game (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch) had issues. On December 1, Digerati said that the Switch version was “waiting for an update (opens in a new tab)and additional languages ​​are missing. On December 4, Digerati tweeted another statement acknowledging the ongoing performance issues with The Outbound Ghost on Switch.

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On December 8, Digerati issued a third statement stating that while the PlayStation editions of the game had already been patched twice (including a day-one patch), Nintendo was still reviewing the Switch patch. “Any users experiencing issues with The Outbound Ghost can @ or PM us,” the editor wrote (opens in a new tab). “Rest assured that we are listening to all of your feedback.

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