King of Avalon MOD APK Latest v14.0.1 (Unlimited Gold & No Ads)

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Frost & Flame: King of Avalon: Everyone wants to be a professional participant in this recreation business and our developers are here to provide you with the best mods with unlimited everything. As King of Avalon Mod Apk is one of the best modded variations in our collection, we suggest that you do not miss the opportunity to become a professional participant.

Introduction –Frost & Flame: King of Avalon it is a multiplayer recreation. In this game, you practice your dragon well and rule the new kingdom. Modred, King Arthur’s nephew, assassinated King Arthur at the Battle of Camlann. His body is found on the mystical island of Avalon along with his sword Excalibur. As the unity of that realm is gone, each metropolis protects itself. So use your technique correctly! Only the player with the best dragon experience will win the Excalibur war and become the new king in this game.


  • War! Everywhere. it is important to improve every time the enemy assaults your fortress. Assemble your army with epic methods of warfare. Every express goal is the throne of dominion.
  • Multi-participant kingdom war alliances! Just like you, everyone seems to be secretly building and upgrading their armies for the Excalibur war. Whether you’re ganging up against a barbarian GvE leader or marching against a PvP goon, it’s good to put your trust in the wonderful military.
  • You have some spy, make the most of it by sending it to your enemy’s kingdom.
  • Dragons! The heroic missile of mass destruction. How are you going to train a legendary dragon in your brave army?
  • Chat and play! The easy translation feature joins players from all over the world to this war fantasy.
  • Strategy! Be proficient in military attacks and self-defense to stay one step ahead of magical enemies. Know when to be invisible in this PvP journey.
  • Strike back in each mission and build your strong army and you will quickly conquer dominance and also get the Excalibur.
  • Building! Make your base strong enough to take on the fire zones of the heroic dragons.
  • As you ink the new kingdom of Avalon, you will discover awesome monsters and dragons. Free epic fantasy MMO journey! The legend of Camelot lives!

Mod Frost and Flame: King of Avalon:

Unlock Dragon experience:

Dragons are the ones that change the sport of King of Avalon. Having a legendary dragon is not enough; It’s important to assign your dragon the best dragon experience correctly, but do you get the locked experience from King of Avalon? Now isn’t it a help that you can unlock experience locked at level 45 at any time? So download this game and present the best dragon experience of your dragon.

King of Avalon MOD APK with everything unlocked
Frost & Flame: King of Avalon mod apk Unlimited Gold Sources:

Unlimited gold sources! Buying gold with real cash is a foolish act if you get free unlimited gold sources from king of avalon gold occasions by downloading kingdom of avalon dragon war mod. Now I don’t want to buy King of Avalon fonts.

I don’t want to buy King of Avalon fonts:

Since you will have a troop to feed, how long will you be able to raid other cities and how many farms will you build? And what number of farms will it replace? That is why King of Avalon dragon warfare mod apk is here to save you a lot of time in crafting and sourceing in his troop. This modified model is the build information for unlimited sources of wood, silver, and iron!

Take your dragon to the best stage:

It would come in handy when upgrading your dragon to replace it with experience dragons. Download Kings of Avalon Mod apk and upgrade them to the best level. Don’t have gold to unlock the desired heroes? Have access to the required king of Avalon heroes from the hero list. Upgrade the most effective heroes to win the Excalibur war.

No ads to destroy the excitement:

Does it ever happen that you are in a war zone, the dragons are destroying your troops and your kingdom, or you could be about to defeat your enemies and an advertisement appears that spoils the joy? This newest King of Avalon model is ad free with 2018 reward codes.

Gameplay: Frost & Flame: King of Avalon

The game begins with King Arthur’s body being brought to the Mystic Isle of Avalon along with his Excalibur. The Excalibur waits to be raised by the new king. The entire kingdom is divided into tribes and troops, each of which prevents you from getting your hands on Excalibur, but only the one who improves his dragon with the best experience will get the throne, moreover, you will love this mod apk game Castle Clash Mod apk the strategic game you like to play with unlimited options too.

Now, upgrading your dragon to the best experience levels, building info for wood, food to feed your tribes, and unlimited gold, all of this comes from real money. You want to invest your money in sources to build your fantasy military and legendary dragon, but what if all of that is available in a free modified version?

The developer has constantly updated the game so that all the premium features are mandatory at no cost. Train your dragon, build the biggest empire and conquer the throne!

How to Download Frost & Flame: King of Avalon MOD APK:

You can download this app from each Play Store and our website. So if you download this app from our official website, you can get many unlocked features, rewards and cheats of the app. To download your desired Premium Mod Apk, follow the steps below.

  • Go to our official website and click on YouTube music premium item. So please read it carefully to get some important information about the features and also the tricks of the app.
  • At the top of the article, you will also find the download button.
  • So click the download button and it will redirect you to another page.
  • Here you can also see the download option.
  • So click the download button
  • The download will start automatically
  • save your download file in the desired folder
  • Congratulations, your download is complete, so continue to the next step, which is the installation.

How to install King of Avalon MOD APK:

If you want to enjoy the unlocked features of the app with lots of cheats and also lots of rewards. So you have to follow some guidelines, which are the following.

  • First, uninstall the previous version of the app if you have already installed it.
  • Please read our article carefully and also get some important information.
  • now allow 3drparty access.
  • for 3drgroup access first, go to settings and allow unknown sources.
  • Now go back to the installation process.
  • Click on the install button.
  • The installation will start automatically.
  • You will have a few seconds to install the Mod version file of Apk.

Frequent questions:

Is it Frost & Flame: King of Avalon?

No, King of Avalon requires your cash funding to win the throne, however King of Avalon is completely free with beta updates.

What are the secrets and techniques of King of Avalon?

Below are building guides to earn the throne:

  • Extend the Dragon experience
  • gather sources
  • Ally with different players
  • Place a Dragon Priestess on enemies
  • Trust the best troops; Raising Excalibur is not something that one can do alone.
  • Increases the fortress according to the needs of the King of Avalon fortress.

How to get King of Avalon mod apk?

You have seen the download button on this page, just click it to start downloading.

How to play King of Avalon mod apk on computer?

Go to hyperlink download button on this page and play King of Avalon

beta on the computer. Get access to reward codes from the reward code generator.

How to see the opinions of the King of Avalon?

The King of Avalon is legendary throughout the world for his warcraft and fantasy. He goes to the game retailer and learns hundreds of thousands of optimistic opinions from all over the world.

How many farms are searched for in King of Avalon mod apk?

It is essential to have at least 5 farms and improve them to the maximum.


That was all good to learn about King of Avalon mod apk. We have given you all the directions and the get button. Please learn them rigorously, get the sport. Develop your technique, guide your dragon, meet the fortress requirements, get reward codes 2018 from the reward code generator, get unlimited gold for gold events, and you are good to go. you will be surprised to play this game also AFK Arena Mod Apk, a strategy game with many different and unique features.

We hope you win the throne, raise the Excalibur and become the new king!

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