‘Diablo 4’ dev on patch 1.1.0: “we know it’s not fun”

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devil 4The Game Director, Associate Game Director, and Community Manager confronted the players’ issues with the latest game patch and admitted that devil 4 now “it’s not fun”.

Released on July 20, patch 1.1.0 dropped significantly devil 4 players damage production and survivability and Sorcerer players felt specifically targeted as one of the weaker classes early on.

Speaking in an unscheduled Campfire Chat about the response to the patch, the three team members expressed regret over the confusion between Blizzard’s goals for the game and player entertainment in the world of Sanctuary.

“We want to acknowledge everyone’s feedback regarding reducing player power,” said community manager Adam Fletcher (via PC Gamer). “We know it’s bad. We know it’s not fun.”

“We also want to talk about what we were specifically trying to achieve with this patch and what changes players ended up seeing. And then separately, we also want to talk about how we don’t plan to do a patch like this anymore,” Fletcher continued.

Blizzard’s intention was to avoid devil 4 players to “fly through the content” with their specialized builds and aims to address the most pressing player issues within two weeks.

Currently, the difficulty of the Nightmare dungeon has been fixed, and patch 1.1.1 will bring improvements to the underutilized Sorcerer and Legendary Barbarian skins, an additional stash tab, an increase in elixir stack size to 99, and a reduction in the respective gold cost.

However, there was no discussion of the Sorcerer’s Devouring Flame ability, which will likely annoy these players, as it allows them to attack effectively in the late game against the strongest enemies in the game.

In other gaming news, the developers have agreed that Baldur’s Gate 3 it’s a “once-in-a-lifetime RPG” that shouldn’t set a new standard for what players can expect from future games.

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